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Sha1 - Sha1 Decrypt

This sha1 decrypter simply uses a database to match a message and his sha1 encrypted value. This method needs a lot of records in order to be efficient. We don't use any brut force method.
Read our MD5 Hashing Algorithms for Encoding and Decoding Data to get more information.

Here are a few tips to secure your application:

  • Use a SALT value to make it harder to decrypt.
  • Hash your message at least twice to make it harder to reverse.
  • Require the message to have lowercase and uppercase characters, special characters and numbers.


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Sha1 Reverse Lookup

Enter a string in the box below and hit "Decrypt". A sha1 hash is a 40 characters long hexadecimal value. You will get the original message used to encrypt the value you submitted!

Try our online sha1 encoder to hash a message.