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What is url encoding?

Url Encoding is the action of encoding certain characters of the url by replacing them by their hexadecimal value. The hex value is consisted of 3 characters. The first character is '%', and the two other characters are the hex values. Remember that url cannot contains spaces, url encoding replaces a space with a '+' sign.

Here's the list of the reserved characters

!*'();:@& =+$,/?%#[]

Try to convert a string to hex using our online tool.

CharacterEncoded Character
Url Encoding Slash /%2F
Url Encoding Colon :%3A
Url Encoding Plus +%2B
Url Encoding Egual =%3D
Url Encoding Ampersand &%26
Url Encoding Apostrophe '%27


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Url Encoding Online Tool

Enter a string in the box below and hit "Encode". You will get the encoded string of the url!

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